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"Heavy Polluters" abandoned in China

In fact China's environmental autorities have shut down ten thousands of factories with no end in sight.

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My job? Solving puzzles.

Interview with Jason Yao.

When it comes to technical sales you cannot simply follow a routine process that will satisfy all your customers. Jason Yao, Sales Manager at TER Hong Kong, can tell you a thing or two about it. We met with Jason to find out how he came to TER Chemicals and what challenges he is facing in his day-to-day business.

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Natural Cosmetics – What exactly does that even mean?

There is hardly a trend that has influenced the cosmetic industry during the last years as natural cosmetics did. About 16,5% of the total German market were made up by natural or near-natural products – and counting. By now, even mass-market-producers rely on “green products” which results in an almost infinite number of products consumers can choose from. But what exactly does natural cosmetics stand for? When can a product be called natural? Are there strict definitions and regulations? We are trying to bring some light into the darkness…

Let’s be honest: If we had asked you 10-20 years ago, how you would define the term “natural cosmetics” your answer probably wouldn’t have been that positive. Eco-activists, a minority far away from glamour and lifestyle who ate tofu and put sticky stinging nettle or chamomile lotions on their skin, were laughed at.  As if those products would work…an anti-aging lotion can only be effective when it is a high-tech-product from a well-known concern.

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